Web app: My UCI class is full

Screenshot of the web app My UCI class is full is a web application which helped 1400+ students enroll in 5300+ courses from Fall 2016 to Fall 2019. The app sent 52K+ alerts to the students when a class without a waitlist had a spot for them to enroll in. This app is discontinued as of December 2019. Developing the first version In HackUCI 2015, Yang Jiao and I developed an app to help students enroll in classes without waitlist.

How to unfold the aliased pixels in SENSE

This post explains how to unfold the undersampled, aliased image to the indices in the reconstruction matrix in SENSE. In short I sketched how to place the mapping window for acceleration factors 2, 3 and 4. You can see the wrap-around of aliasing windows in the even acceleration factors. Explanation of mapping wrapped pixels. SENSE SENSE (SENSitivity Encoding)[1] is an image-domain parallel imaging technique in MRI. For more information, you can visit the following links:

Algorithm: Majority Element

My professor in ‘project in algorithms’ class created this problem just for this assignment. I implemented an algorithm that finds majority element in private array using “group counts” in C. The problem is to determine whether 0 or 1 is the majority element of a private array who we don’t have an direct access to. We can only use “group counts” method, which, given 4 indices in the array, returns one out of three values.

ICS 46: Frequently made mistakes

These are some of the most frequent mistakes students made in the lab when I worked as a tutor for ICS 46, Data Structure Implementation and Analysis. Anyone who is taking the class could benefit by reviewing these examples and trying to figure out what is wrong with each of them. I will explain what kind of errors each method contains and how to fix them at the bottom of this post.